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The healthy choice

Eating healthy and supporting local farmers doesn't need to be difficult! We make it simple:

  • Easier than going to the grocery store. Shop anytime and we'll deliver.
  • All products are sourced from small, family farms in Wisconsin.
  • Support a number of local producers with one purchase.
  • Eat healthy and know your food was grown responsibly and humanely.
  • No commitment. Order as much or as little as you need.
  • Pricing reflects the nutritional value of the products.

We make eating healthy & supporting local farmers easier than ever!

produce-crateSkip a trip to the store and have farm-fresh food delivered to your doorstep.

Tracy’s Farm Bus provides farm-fresh produce, meats and dairy products straight from local farms. We partner with Wisconsin farmers to provide a seasonal and always-changing selection of groceries. Shop when you want and let us know when you’d like your items delivered — it’s that easy! We offer delivery of your farm-fresh groceries six days a week. (sorry, no Sundays)

Want to start shopping? Follow these easy steps:

1) Click on “MARKET” above
2) CREATE an ACCOUNT to see prices and start shopping
3) Browse the departments such as Dairy, Meat and Pantry and add items to your cart
4) Choose “CHECKOUT” to proceed to payment options – CASH, CHECK or CHARGE available
5) Use the COMMENT BOX to choose your desired delivery date
6) Confirm your order and wait for delivery


  1. All products are sourced from small family farms and producers in Wisconsin.
  2. Shopping online is flexible and easier than going to the grocery store. Order at any time of day from your desktop or mobile device.
  3. Eat healthy and know your food was grown responsibly and humanely by individuals here in Wisconsin.
  4. Since our stock comes from many small farms, your single order can support multiple farm families. One of them might even be your neighbor!
  5. There’s no commitment and you can order as much or as little as you need.
  6. Our prices may be higher than the grocery store. This reflects two very important things: this is real food grown by farmers in Wisconsin which is deserving of fair, living wage in exchange for their products.
  7. Our producers provide certified organic, non-certified organic and all-natural grocery products. They all make the greatest effort to produce food without the use of pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful chemicals.
  8. All processed foods Tracy’s Farm Bus provides (including meat, poultry, dairy and canned goods) are packaged in inspected facilities.

Shopping from Tracy’s Farm Bus supports local farmers and small businesses.

We provide groceries that are all-natural, organic and local. Tracy’s Farm Bus carries farm-fresh milk, free range eggs, artisan cheeses and breads, meat, poultry, seasonal produce, pantry staples and more! Check back often as our stock changes regularly.